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22 Jan , 2013,

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Virtualisatie van de IT-infrastructuur consolideert servers, optimaliseert de software levenscyclus, en biedt business continuity via de virtuele machine, virtuele server en virtuele pc-oplossingen. Wij maken bij elke implementatie optimaal gebruik van deze zogenaamde hypervisor.


17 Nov , 2011,
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Een goede ICT-er denkt met je mee op functioneel vlak.

About the #blog-site

16 Nov , 2011,
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Hello, World!

This site is only just up and running! On these pages will come information about the company and blogposts about system management and automation from the field.
Because of the extra information for fellow “techies” in other countries the blogs-part is written in English.

The company started September 2012 and we’ve provided quite some support already.
De website was initially set up to provide an contact page on the digital highway for potential customers who don’t have our contact details at hand.

Please contact us for more information about your needs.